Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Feast of the Assumption

Our Lady as Queen of Heaven, Santa Maria in Trastevere, Rome.

Christ * ascended to the highest heaven, * where He prepared for His most pure Mother an incorruptible dwelling. * Today’s feast is incomparably greater than the feasts of all other saints. * The angelic choirs of heaven’s courts look on in amazement * as Mary, filled with bliss and glory, * enters heaven for the celebration of the divine espousals. * From heaven may Mary, in her love and goodness, * think evermore of us, who think of her.

-Antiphon for I Vespers of the Assumption from the Cistercian Breviary.

Assumption banner, St. Michael's, Ghent.

O with what glorious luster thou shinest,
Daughter of royalty, David’s descendant!
Throned in majesty, Mary the Virgin,
Now midst the blessed one, sitting exalted.

Joining with motherhood virginal honour,
Holy and spotless ,one, chastely thou gavest
Shrine for the heaven-sent Lord of the Angels;
Thus in humanity God was incarnate:

Whom the whole universe lowly adoreth,
Bending the knee to him meetly in homage:
On this thy holy day pray him to grant us
Light and felicity, darkness dispelling.

This of thy clemency, Father of glory,
Grant through thy Son, who, with thee and the Spirit,
In the bright firmament liveth and reigneth,
Evermore ruling and ordering all things. Amen.

O quam glorifica (Maid, who mantled in the sun)
Hymn of Vespers for the Assumption

Assumption image on the high altar in Argeles-sur-Mer.