Thursday, August 2, 2012

10 Random Thoughts on the Chick-fil-a Business

1. Chick-fil-a is yummy.  Their waffle fries are one of the few fast food things I ever actually crave.  There, I said it.

2. This boycott needs more supporters than all my vegetarian friends who think Whole Foods is too commercial if it’s going to get much traction.

3.  The picture of those EWTN Poor Claire Nuns with their Chik-fil-a bags makes me wonder whatever happened to papal cloister and the hidden life.  They neatly illustrate what a malleable term “conservative” has become.

4.  There’s a nasty class element in a lot of the righteous progressive pronouncements being made about people who eat at Chik-Fil-A that is just as repugnant as anything Dan Cathy may believe.

5. Any number of the people who are obsessed with eating a chicken sandwich to save America have personal histories that would make Jezebel blush.  You should probably spend more time being thankful for the grace you’ve been given and read Luke 18:9-14 before you post another thing.

6. Stop playing the victim card, whichever side you’re on.  If you have a vision of what America is supposed to be that’s worth someone taking the time to listen to, it should say where we need to go and why things will be better, not why we all might need to be hiding under our beds next week.  Faith and love beat fear every time.

7. Eat-ins and Kiss-ins both focus on building in-group identity, not changing minds or finding common ground.  This whole thing shows the brokenness of our political system and our culture in microcosm.

8. Eat-ins and Kiss-ins also produce a lot of photos I don’t want to see, whether it’s a 300-pound preacher doing mayo shots at the condiment bar or two bears in harnesses sucking face in the parking lot.  If you love your friends and want to keep America beautiful, please stop hitting the damn forward button.

9. If you absolutely can’t help hitting the forward button on the latest piece of Photoshop genius from your favorite progressive or conservative group, please fact check it first, because most of them don’t seem to and it makes your side of the argument look as dumb as the other side says it is.

10. I love America and I think it’s the best place there is, but God has seen a thousand nations come and go.  He has never said he likes ours better than any of the others and to think so isn’t patriotism, it’s idolatry.