Monday, September 3, 2012

Gregory the Great: Doctor of the Church and Apostle of the English

Apostle of the English, thou
Art comrade of the Angels now:
O help the faithful, Gregory,
Who heardest then the people’s cry.

Abundant wealth was naught to thee
Who, seeking princely penury,
Did spurn the glory of the earth
To follow Jesus in His dearth.

Like some poor needy shipwrecked soul,
His messenger besought a dole;
Twin gift did thou give; nothing loth,
To offer self and silver both.

First in his Church from that time forth
Christ set thee in thy proven worth;
So did thou rise to Peter’s throne,
Whose life was pattern for thine own.

O Priest and Leader of the flock,
The Church’s glory, light, and rock,
Instructed by thy wise command,
Let not the sheep in peril stand.

Praise to the unbegotten One,
And glory to His only Son;
And thine, O Spirit, Breath of God,
Be equal majesty and laud.

Anglorum jam Apostolus (Apostle of the English)
Hymn of Vigils for St. Gregory the Great
Composed by St. Peter Damian