Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Net Round Up

It was a bit of a slow 'net week, but the reading was diverse.

The Vagrant Vicar brings us "A Homily about Listening"

We live in a world where we are told not to listen to each other. We aren't supposed to listen to those that are politically different, especially during this election season, because "they're crazy." Other religions, too, are labeled as having no inherent value. We strive more than ever to reduce people to one common denominator. You're conservative, liberal, gay, straight, black, white, etc. The many complexities that make up you and your essence are not honored. You are just put into a box from which you can never escape. This, of course, makes it much easier to not listen to each other.... more »

At Rumney Marsh Ruminations, there's a new piece on "Omitting the G Word."

I am perplexed by yet another developing brouhaha by those who are taking offense to the omission of the word “God” from a political party's platform. Those who know me know that I am no stranger to the “G” word; but, I would much rather see the presence of God in your way of life and in your treating of other folks than in your inserting the “G” word into speeches wherever possible. more » 
Next, I ran across a review of Archbishop Wynn Wagner's Tarot for Christians:
The main char­ac­ter of tarot’s first card is The Fool, and Tarot for Chris­tians is the adven­ture of that inno­cent wan­derer. THE FOOL is a sim­ple trav­eler through the deck, grow­ing and learn­ing, expe­ri­enc­ing and living.
The author — a retired arch­bishop of the Old Catholic Church — brings his knowl­edge of meta­physics and tra­di­tional sym­bol­ism to these mis­un­der­stood “flash cards.” Each of the major cards in the deck is a sta­tion on the Fool’s jour­ney. The arch­bishop explains his take on each of the major cards with humor and eager antic­i­pa­tion of the wis­dom to be found in the images. more >>

Finally, for an old-school Old Catholic treat, there is a new historic photo archive at The Abbey-Principality of San Luigi.