Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday ISM Net Round Up

It was a busy week in the news.

From my regular reads, we have:

The Vagrant Vicar takes on Baptists in Disguise and Apostolic Succession.
At Priestcraft, A word from Dorothy Maclean
At Bo┼że!, Icon Sketching.
At Carissimi, some background on The Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

Around the wider internet, I ran across:

A piece from about the new presiding bishop of the American Catholic Church.
A sermon on this Sunday’s readings from St. Christopher’s Old Catholic Church.
At Anarchist Reverend, a piece about Catholicism and Anarchy from an Old Catholic point of view.
A piece from Catholic Culture about the possible expulsion of Bishop Williamson from the SSPX.  (I add this because I have a pool with some friends on how long it will be before “Williamson” starts turning up with the names Thuc, Milingo, and Duarte Costa in lists of ISM succession.)

Finally, a reminder about the dangers of getting too high on one’s high horse about the failings of the Roman Catholic Church: