Friday, November 16, 2012

St. Gertrude the Great in Her Own Words

St. Gertrude the Great.
A quotation and a prayer from St. Gertrude on her feast day: 
My God, you who are all truth, clearer than all light, yet hidden deeper in our heart than any secret, when you yourself resolved to disperse the darkness of my night, you began gently and tenderly by first calming my mind, which had been troubled for more than a month past. This trouble it seems to me served your purpose. You were striving to destroy the tower of vanity and worldiness which I had set up in my pride, although, alas, I was - in vain - bearing the name and wearing the habit of a religious. ... From that hour, in a new spirit of joyful serenity I began to follow the way of the sweet odor of your perfumes and I found your yoke sweet and your burden light which a short time before I had thought to be unbearable.
*  *  *

Through Thy Wounded Heart, dearest Lord, pierce my heart so deeply with the dart of Thy love that it may no longer be able to contain earthly things but may be governed by the action of Thy Divinity alone.