Friday, November 9, 2012

Materials for Sunday Evening's Mass

The draft Mass booklet, service sheet, and music leaflet for Sunday’s Mass are available online at the  

This week will be a sung Mass in traditional English with Gregorian chant in Latin.

During the course of the Mass, there are portions when the people and the celebrant engage in a dialogue of versicles and responses, portions when the cantor sings alone, portions when we all sing together, portions when we pray in silence, and portions when our various postures of standing and kneeling call our bodies to worship.  Far more important than wondering whether you’re on the right page or what to do next is to simply let the service wash over you—to be caught up in the moment so that mind and soul are free to worship, to respond to God’s love made known to us in the incarnation of Jesus Christ.  The forms are traditional, but the secret is to let yourself go.

Join us!

Mass for the Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
7:00 p.m., Sunday November 11

St. Martin's Chapel
814 W. Maple Street
Fayetteville, AR