Wednesday, October 31, 2012

To the Devil with People Who Don't Like Halloween

A scene from Holbein's Danse Macabre.
Given all of the offbeat saints days I write about, I would be remiss if I did not stop for a moment to mention Halloween.

I love Halloween and always have. Those of you who are regular readers get a large amount of material every week on the supernatural. Today has generally been a day to remember that there is a darker side to all of that as well and possibly to enjoy a little harmless mischief. I believe in the reality of supernatural evil and I also believe that today is a good way to remember that it exists. I think dressing up like demons and ghouls and having some fun with it is far better than turning this venerable holiday into yet another opportunity for fear-filled frothing at the mouth about the decline of religion, morals, culture, or whatever people are going on about at the moment.  (The Good Lord be praised that Hurricane Sandy didn't hit on Halloween or who know what sorts lunacy we would have to listen to.)

Frankly, I find that too many of those who denounce Halloween as satanic or immoral are actually often practicing the worst sort of ecumenism: that of borrowing the pottiest ideas of contemporary fundamentalists because they have forgotten that the catholic tradition has powerful ideas of its own.  (And lacking both sacraments and sacramentals, maybe Protestants should be a little bit more afraid--I'm yet to see a horror movie where they call the local Baptist minister to perform the exorcism.)

So HAPPY HALLOWEEN to one and all.

(And if you don't like it, may a zombie eat your brains.)