Monday, October 8, 2012

ISM Net Round Up

A new Doorkeeper is made in the ICC
It has been a couple of weeks since I have done an ISM news round up. This week, among my regular reads, there's a good bit of news:

At Finding Grace in Ordinary Time, the ICCC’s newest Doorkeeper writes on Living Vocation in the Details of One’s Life.  (Congratulations!)
The Vagrant Vicar takes a serious look at Mental Illness and the ISM.
Bo┼że! has some new pieces and a new look.

Rumney Marsh Ruminations has news of the Prayer Society of St. Florian, which prays for firefighters and first responders.

In the wider world:

Religiscope offers a balanced review of The Underground Church, a book examining the strengths and weaknesses of Roman Catholic breakaway movements.

At As the Sun in Its Orb, Fr. Chadwick, long one of the most interesting bloggers in the Continuing Anglican world, gives An Analysis of the Independents.  He also takes a look at one of my old pieces in Sarabites?.

The Diocese of St. Benedict’s blog now provides the daily reading from the Rule of St. Benedict.

Finally, those of you with an attachment to the Union of Utrecht might take a look at The Way Home.