Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ss. Maurus and Placidus

Today is the feast of Ss. Maurus and Placidus, St. Benedict’s young disciples famed for their exploits and their devotion to their master. 

In childhood Placidus was by his father given;
Thus offered, he himself did freely yield to God.
Since first he came, he ever shone with wondrous grace,
A pattern to all zealous souls.

His Abbot sent him forth to fill an earthen crock,
He dips it in the lake, unwary, slips and falls,
A wave then carries him a bowshot from the shore,
Out in the deep drowning is nigh.

But Maurus, what is this, that hastening to the lake,
Thou runnest o’er the waves as though thou wast on land?
Wont to obey, ‘tis thus thy holy father’s voice.
Doth lead thee to a miracle.

Straightway the lake restores Placidus safe again,
But whose the merit? Did his Nursian father draw,
Him from the swirling depth, or was it Maurus’ act?
The child resolves their questioning.

O Holy Trinity, through prayers of Placidus,
Grant to thy monks that by the narrow path of Rule
They may at length attain unto the courts of heaven,
And mingle with celestial choirs. Amen.

Puellus Placicidus (In childhood Placicidus was by his father given)
Hymn of Vigils for the Feast of Ss. Maurus and Placidus